Lavender Oil

Put a few drops in a diffuser on your desk or by your bed and it'll do wonders.  Plus, your space will smell like a spa 🙂 

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Lemon Oil

Rub a few drops on the bottom of your feet before bed and it will help detox your liver.  By far one of the best things I did for myself.
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Constipation, Diarrhea, healthy bowel movements, upset stomach, probiotic

Digest Zen

This aids in digestion. I rub some on my abdomen before meals so that I don't feel tired after I eat.

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how to cure constipation best constipation cure

Magnesium Citrate

This was the catalyst of my recovery.  
If you're battling with constipation, this will change your life.

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Best supplement for stress, best way to reduce stress


I took this each morning and I found that it lowered the level of stress I felt throughout the day. 

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PMS, estrogen dominant, balance hormones, progesterone

Primrose Oil

I was estrogen dominant and had crazy PMS, heavy periods, and a host of other symptoms.  This helped tremendously.  

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healthy smoothies, fiber, sugar, fat

NutriBullet Balance

This is CRAZY.  It calculates the nutritional value as you  build recipes.  We're talking sugar, fat and fiber...WHA?!

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Yoga, symbol of life, mat, stress reliever

Yoga Mat

Doing a 5 minute yoga routine each morning helped calm and ground my body for the day.  

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Best Essential Oil Diffuser


I use a diffuser on a daily basis.  It's amazing how much smells impact our mood.

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Natural sleep remedy

Sleep Aid

Getting a restful 8 hours sleep is crucial for anyone but especially if you're battling adrenal fatigue. 

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how to get a good sleep

Sleep Mask

It's amazing what a difference having complete darkness does for the quality of sleep you can have.  
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healing crystals, real crystals

Amethyst Crystal

Known to help with sleep. 
If you have a store near you that sells real crystals, I'd recommend that as a first option.
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how to stop hair loss

Hair Loss Treatment

Thinning hair was the worst part of this.  If you're experiencing it, I feel your pain.

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Stretch IT band, stretch hamstrings, stretch quads

Foam Roller

Highly recommend if you have tight hips.  And an extra bonus is that it reduced the appearance of my cellulite 🙂 
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psychic, tarot cards, best tarot cards

Oracle Cards

This is my favourite deck.  I use it every morning to maximize the energy for the day.
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