Happy day friend!

Have you ever felt stuck because you couldn’t figure out the “right” next step?  Of course you have, you’re human!!

Each time we get to a phase in our lives where we begin to feel disenchanted, where we’re tired of our financial circumstance, our living situation, our relationship, our health, the quality of our lives…whatever it is…we know that we need to make a change because the longer we remain complacent, the stronger that nagging feeling gets.  

It makes you question what the point of it all is.  
It makes you wonder if there really is something more.  
It makes you question the stability of your mental health.  

So each time we get to this phase in our life, just remember that it’s life’s way of trying to get our attention.  To let us know that we need to shed our skin.  To step into something bigger.  

And I know how challenging it can be because after so many attempts at trying to create the life you want, you feel that you can’t afford to make any more mistakes at this stage of the game.  Time is ticking.

A part of you wants to just throw your hands in the air and scream “I surrender” and hope to God that the epiphany you hear so many others talk about, comes to you too.  And the other part of you is gripping on for dear life and doing everything in its power to figure out the what and the how.  Oh, the how.

You just want some salvation.  You want someone to come along and just tell you what to do next.  
To lay out the plan before you.  
You'd give anything.  EN-EE-THING.  For just a sliver of clarity.  
Just something to grab on to so that you know which direction to go in.

I can't tell you how many times I have stood at the same crossroads.
And stood there for longer than I care to admit. 

So long in fact that instead of making a move, I instead began stretching every dollar I had…significantly decreasing my lifestyle to the point that I would’ve been embarrassed if anyone ever found out. 
It also impacted my mental and emotional health…and yet, I made no real move.  It became my new norm. 

I had become complacent.  It’s amazing how much I was willing to tolerate in order to avoid feeling fear. 

The realization that this had been an ongoing theme throughout my life hit me right between the eyes.  

Whether it was in relationships, with my finances, my living situations, my health…always tolerated and always became complacent. 

Was I really that afraid of putting myself out there and swing for the fences (in case I fell short) that I would choose to tolerate:

-> Having to go without and putting myself in situations where month after month I              worried whether I was going to be able to pay my bills.

->Toxic relationships.

->Feeling shitty in my body. 

I decided enough was enough. 

I wasn’t going to live my life allowing fear to dictate my actions. (or lack thereof) 

I decided to live my life in alignment with who I am.  

I decided to do work that was purposeful and as a result, would bring in financial abundance.

I decided to have a healthy, energized and fit body. 

I did a complete 180. 


28 day cleanse.  I used to start these all the time and never finish. 
This time, whenever I wanted to quit, I would remind myself of the outcome I wanted, of how I would feel if I gave in.  

I reminded myself how I would feel if I kept going.  I reminded myself that if I quit/cheated now, I’d have to start all over again.  That If I kept going, I’d be that much closer to having this handled for good. 

As a result, I’ve been sleeping like a bear.
The amount of energy I have is borderline unbelievable. 
Discipline has strengthened.
No longer crave sweets.  (this is huge for me)
Skin is smoother and glowing.
I actually have to remind myself to eat because I no longer eat to soothe myself. 
Pictures coming soon-ish.  


Currently four businesses on the go (2 of the four are currently generating very healthy revenues and the other two are at zero dollars but they've just been launched)
Showing up like I never have before.  
My focus has pretty freaking mind-blowing if I do say so myself. 
Again, discipline has strengthened.
I’m having the time of my life.
Money has been a beautiful by-product of living on purpose and it has come in easier than ever before.  It’s been effortless, really.
Exact numbers coming soon-ish.

I don’t buy into my own bullshit.  
When I feel tired/scared/blah/busy, I focus on the outcome I want and remind myself of how I would feel if I didn’t do X.  
I remind myself of the sense of accomplishment and satisfaction I’ll feel when I do X.  

I turn off all the notifications on my phone when I go to bed each night and they stay off until usually, noon.  The only time I look at my phone in the morning is to access my meditation app.  I focus like a mother.  

I flood my brain with motivational talks.  

When I clean, drive, shop…I listen to a podcast or an audio I’ve downloaded​ from Youtube.
When I tell you that I live and breath mindset stuff…I’m not kidding.  

Aside from the reading I do on my break (last one I read was called The Alice Network and it's sooo good) and a few instances where I watch a bit of a show or movie, I’m fully immersed in mindset fuel.  

Is this extreme?  Perhaps.  But if I want extreme results, I need to do extreme things.  

I know that I’m capable of more.  That I’m meant to be, do and have more and I’m not going to squander away any more time.  

I had made the decision on a Friday. (you know you’re serious about making a change when you don’t wait for Monday in order to start)
And that weekend I finished 3 websites, wrote a bunch of posts, wrote emails, blogs, recorded and edited podcasts, went to the farmer’s market, went for walks, had a client sign up, purged my closet and my bookshelves, finally dropped the bag of electronics I had been carting around in my car for months to the recycle bin, chatted with family AND began the cleanse. 

That was just the beginning.  It’s been an exhilarating and soulful adventure, with results and outcomes that make my heart and bank account smile.   

The biggest lesson for me in all of this is that the thing with receiving things which you know are divined is that it’ll only happen if you clear obstructions to flow (which is a practice, continual, and never ends), in conjunction with actively choosing to BE THAT PERSON.

Embody the:
And actions of that person, and the physical reality of that person will appear around you.

My question to you is; where in your life are you tolerating?   

Because you don’t want to have gone through life living a half-assed shadow version of yourself who didn’t live the life she was born for because she was scared.

Lots of love,

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