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Let this be a reunion with the you, you sometimes don’t allow yourself to be.  The you, you sometimes forget.  And the you that you are sometimes afraid to be.

If you do not know who this you is, it is the one inside of you that feels relief when she comes home and closes the door.   It is the you that was shushed when you were young.  That was contained, bullied, ridiculed into hiding.  It is the you, you shoved inside when you were told to act more appropriately.  To be less truthful.  To hide your feelings.  To be more lovable by acting how someone else wanted you to act.  

I want you to be aware of this self inside of you.  Really aware.  Fiercely aware.  

I want to lovingly encourage you to be this person.  I want to tell you that you are allowed to be loyal to this you.  That in being this you, you find freedom.  Your intrinsic freedom. And that by being in your intrinsic freedom you lose the need to be anything other than this you.  You remain in your wholeness.  You shed what does not serve you.  You enter your lightness. 

It is in this place of freedom to be as you are without excuse or hiding, that you are able to easily see and feel:  Where you are not aligned. 
Where you are choosing to not live in your truth. 
The places you are holding too much together.   
Where you are not saying as you feel. 
Where you are working hard at being perceived a certain way. 
Where you are effort-ing to be loved as something maybe you are not. 
Where you are afraid to be seen, exposed, vulnerable.

My intention is to help you learn to love the sound of your footsteps walking away from the things not meant for you.

This is the perfect time to find your voice, and use it. 

This is the perfect time to create boundaries, and hold them.

This is the perfect time to shed the skin that has kept you; from feeling healthy & radiant, from being financially secure & abundant, and from having healthy & loving relationships.

This is.  The.  Perfect.  Time. 

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